Tenerife's Weather in January

Mean Daily Maximum Temperature: 22°C
Mean Daily Minimum Temperature: 13°C
Sea Temperature: 21°C
Temperature on Hot Days: 26°C
Temperature on Cold Nights: 11°C
Hours of Sunshine Per Day: 6 Hours
Total Sunny Days in a Month: 6.8
Partially Cloudy Days in a Month: 18.2
Total Rainfall in a Month: 23mm/3.7 Days

One of the coldest months of the year with average temperatures a mean daily maximum of 22°C. The hottest days reach up to 26°C and night temperatures going down to 13°C.

An estimated 23mm of rainfall falls within 3.7 days of this month, with 18.2 of those days partially cloudy and an estimated 6.8 days sunny.
Tenerife gets 6 hours of sunshine per day at this time of year and the sea temperature is 21°C.

This is based on MeteoBlue’s climate data for Tenerife at the time of writing.