Our Story - La Bodega Casa Rural

Ray and Sheila had the vision and downright doggedness to convert this abandoned late 19th century, rundown Wine Bodega and farmhouse in San Miguel into 4 lovely self-catering cottages that you'll want to live in and never leave.

Ray and Sheila La Bodega Tenerife

When they bought the property in 1995, Ray and Sheila’s goal was always to make a home for their children, as well as a home away from home for their guests. They knew about the poor accommodation on the island, having had stayed in various shoebox-sized self-catering accommodation two years earlier, whilst considering whether to live on the island, because that was all that was available at the time.

Work started as soon as they bought the property, and in 2005 La Bodega Casa Rural was officially opened to the public with a lot of fanfare and traditional Canarian dancing. You can scroll down to see some of the photos of what the place originally looked like.

Since opening, Ray and Sheila have continued to work tirelessly to keep and slowly improve the “La Bodega experience", whilst maintaining the standards that guests have come to expect.

Having lived in Tenerife for over 23 years, they are a treasure trove of knowledge about where to go and what to do. And yet they're still open to and enjoy discovering new places to eat, shop, explore and, of course, tell their guests about.

before La Bodega - the top garden.
The top garden.
Before la Bodega view from the street.

The view from the street.

Before La Bodega the courtyard where Bouganvillea and Frangipani now are.

The courtyard area and outhouses/rooms where Bouganvillea and Frangipani are.

Before La Bodega the dead fruit orchard.

The bottom garden.

They used to make wine here, here is where they stored the old barrels.

Hibiscus and Jasmine Cottage, where they used to store the wine.

And they made wine here, right where the reception now is.

Where they made the wine, which is now the reception area.